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Sharma Orthopedic under Hip Prosthesis System offers Austin Moore, Thompson, Bipolar, Total Hip Replacement System and Instrument sets for Hip Prosthesis.

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Crest Revision Hip System

Allow for an implant configuration that provides fit and fill, stability and restored biomechanics. Allows for the adjustment of femoral offset without affecting leg length. Provide even load distribution. Offer a range of stability options, especially for fractures and discontinuities.

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Finer Hip System

FINER™ Femoral Stem stepped geometry is designed to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading in mass cancellous bone. Narrowed Anterior-Posterior neck dimensions and optimized articulate by FINER Internal Head taper increase range of motion and reduce risk of mechanical impingement.

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Hip Prosthesis

Hip Prosthesis is a device, which is used to replace the damaged or fractured part of the Femoral head. Hip prosthesis is anatomically designed to match the shape of the Femoral head.

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